Dalaman - the beauty of nature of Turkey


Atm Dalaman International Airport is within these district limits. After Ortaca was converted into a district, it was not a connected city. There are 16 villages. In the Mediterranean Region, Dalaman is a district connected to Mugla Iline, and is located between the districts of Köycegiz, Ortaca and Fethiye and the Denizli province of Çameli. The eastern, north and western parts are mountainous, the south is ovalized. The districts are covered by the Gölgeli Daglar (2.295 m.) And Boncuk Dagi (2.265 m.). These mountains extending parallel to the Gulf of Fethiye are covered with forests consisting of leaves with their skins and high sections with spruce trees. Dalaman Ovasi is the most fertile plains of Mugla province, in the most fertile plains of Turkey and the world. Dalaman Çayi is located in the district where the Mediterranean and Aegean regions pass. Born in Kocas Mountain near Dirmil, Dalaman Çayi is located between Marmaris and Fethiye. The total length is 229 km. The tea growing in the western Taurus Mountains, merging with the descending branches of Göktepe and Yaylacik Mountains, flows in a narrow and deep valley, 8 km. It is poured from the south to the sea. Its height is 15 m. According to the results of the 2009 population census of the province with an area of ​​61,694 hectares; The total population is 33.451.

No information about the history of the province is available because there is not enough archeological excavation and no surface research is done. However, it is believed that the history of the district is based on very old ones when it is in the Ancient Kareya region. Dalaman, which is a single municipality with the merger of Atakent and Dalaman bases, which had previously been affiliated to the Köycegiz District, was brought to the district of 1983. It is believed that the ancient city of Euhippe is located in the north of the Karia region, where Dalaman, the Alaçatli Village (Alaçatli Atli), is located. Ayrica is located in the railway station, although there is no railway in the district.

The climate of the region is typical Mediterranean climate and can be described as Subtropical climate. In accordance with this climate characteristic, local people are married and rainy, while summer is dry and warm. The average annual rainfall is 1044.5 mm. The temperature of 48.5 ° C measured in Dalaman on July 19, 1973 is the third highest temperature measured in Kahramanmaras (48,8 ° C) and Sirnak Cizre (48,6 ° C) in Turkey.